Amecc South

Amecc South Technical Services Joint Stock Company was established on July 25, 2018. With a team of high-quality, dedicated and experienced employees working in a professional environment, we have accomplished many great projects and are highly appreciated by our customers. Amecc South is gradually asserting its position and developing more and more to meet the strict requirements of domestic and international customers.

With dedication, enthusiasm, optimizing resources and pioneering in applying new technologies, bringing the optimal solution to satisfy customers and partners in designing, processing, installation and commissioning (EPC) of oil and gas projects, ships, power plants and other industrial projects. Target EPC projects worth up to $ 300 million.

To create a fair and professional working environment to maximize the Vietnamese human capacity, bring prosperity to the employee, the society, and contribute to bringing Vietnam’s industry to world-class.

Dedication – Responsibility – Working at maximum enthusiasm.

Let’s Build Tomorrow

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