In the new day’s full sun, the Black Pearl – the first pirate ship in Vietnam, was slowly pulled out of the manufacturing yard and broke into the open sea during the first long-distance test run. Joy and pride were evident on the entire Amecc South’s Board of Directors’ faces, no one told anyone, but they all held hands, alternating between fretted and touched because we know that success today also means that we will have to break up to ship back to the mother at sea. Starting from the first cut day- 03/03/2020 to today – February 3, 2021 is 11 months, a journey is not too long but full of memories, experiencing many challenges and arduous and very proud, especially the manufacturing process overcame the difficulties and difficulties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic in the world to deliver the ship on schedule, to meet the required quality of the Investor. This result is also a worthy recognition to the entire Shipbuilding Project Board’s efforts, at the same time, it is also impossible not to mention the correct and timely direction of the Board of Directors of the Company.
In the bustling atmosphere to welcome the new spring everywhere, here the workers and engineers are still working hard day and night to complete the final stages and hand over the ship on schedule, hope Black Pearl hopes to bring customers new experiences that will never be forgotten. I wish Black Pearl’s future journeys will always be smooth sailing!