Vietnam has an estimated total wind capacity of 513,360 MW, the largest in Southeast Asia, 6 times higher than the expected capacity of the electricity industry in 2020 and much greater than the potential of countries in the region such as Thailand. Lan (152,392 MW), Laos (182,252 MW) and Cambodia (26,000 MW).

However, our country has just included a number of wind power projects with a total capacity of more than 300 MW, slower than the 800 MW in 2020 stated in Electricity planning VII (revised)

Not only solving the long-term energy problem, protecting the security, national sovereignty and territorial waters, attracting many international investors, developing wind power can also take advantage of construction technology and equipment. contribute to transferring/supplementing existing strategies and labor of shipping and port industries, marine exploration and survey.

At the ThangLong Wind Workshop – The need for Vietnam’s economy, organized by the Embassy of the United Kingdom, Vietnam Energy Association and Enterprize Energy Group in Hanoi, Mr. Gareth Ward, Ambassador Extraordinary Ambassador Governor of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland in Vietnam said that the report of the ESMAP Energy Management Support Program stated that Vietnam has offshore wind resources similar to the United Kingdom. Therefore, the British Government is eager to assist Vietnam in exploiting this resource to meet its national energy goals.

Mr. Tran Viet Ngai, Chairman of Vietnam Energy Association also said that after solar power, wind power will be a clean energy solution for Vietnam because of the huge potential in this field. The development trend of offshore wind power is of great interest

According to him, the Government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) determined that from 2020 to 2023, serious electricity shortages will occur if the projects in the Electricity planning VII (adjusted) continue to be affected by slow progress. Recently, the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Industry and Trade agreed to advocate for the Enterprize Energy Group to study and survey the Thang long wind power project – in the offshore area of Ke Ga , Binh Thuan province, with a capacity of 3,400 MW. The total capital is up to 11.9 billion USD. Currently, the investor has completed the additional electricity plan and submitted it to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for appraisal.

If successfully implemented, the project will provide a huge amount of clean electricity to the national grid, contributing to the shortage of energy, especially in the southern region

The early addition of potential wind power projects such as ThangLong Wind to the National Power Development Plan is extremely necessary because in addition to facilitating the project to enter the phase of signing power contracts and early investment, it also helps to clearly define investment in power transmission systems, lines, power stations … “, Mr. Tran Viet Ngai emphasized.

From a local perspective, Mr. Ha Le Thanh Chung, Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Binh Thuan Province, said that the provincial leaders supported and agreed on the policy of adding Thanglong Wind wind power project to the National Power Development Planning. The investment in wind power projects is in line with the orientation of developing renewable energy sources and clean energy, as well as in accordance with the Decisions to turn Binh Thuan into an energy center.

With great potential for wind power, Vietnam will be an attractive investment destination if there are stable and long-term legal frameworks. Vietnam needs to make more efforts to improve the efficiency and transparency of market regulations as well as the procurement process. Besides, power purchase contracts must be standardized; The project approval process needs to be simpler and clearer in order to motivate investors to participate in this market, ”said Liming Qiao, Asia Regional Director, Global Wind Power Association. more.