Project Description

As the higher of living standards and the more of economic grow, the demand for energy is also increasing, this is a challenge for most countries in the world to not only ensure energy supply but also against climate change . Therefore, the renewable energy sources is considered an inevitable trend in the world today, as it makes an important contribution to limiting greenhouse gas emissions, protect the environment, as well as reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

According to a study released by the World Bank (WB), Vietnam is a country with renewable energy potential – specifically the largest wind power in Southeast Asia, surpassing Laos and Cambodia. and Thailand (According to NDDT news). Grasping the general trend of the World, with the country’s advantages, many Decisions and Policies have been issued by the Government of Vietnam to encourage and attract investors towards this clean energy field. .

Lien Lap Windfarm Project is one of the projects in the conversion chain and AMECC SOUTH Company is proud to contribute to the construction and installation of this project.

By the investment capital of over VND 1,973 billion, the investor is Power Construction Company I (PCC1), the windfarm is built in communes: Tan Lien and Tan Lap, Huong Tan and Khe Sanh town, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province. The project has 12 wind turbines with a design capacity of 48 MW for  operating life of 50 years.

At Lien Lap Project, AMECC SOUTH is responsible for providing the management team, calculating and setting up the lifting procedure to perform the lifting of wings, nacelles, hubs, and T2/T3, and equipments for lifting and installing wind turbines. The main equipment is a 600T crane and others with lower capacity. More difficult than other projects/construction works, lifting equipment at windfarm projects requires a highly qualified and experienced engineers in designing, calculating of transportation and lifting plans, accurately and quickly.

Not only focus on ensuring the progress of the project, but working in safety environment is also the top priority of  management team. Due to the complexity and specific risks of the wind power industry, the lifting object are all OOG, which are required to be calculated to have own special lifting process, and risk assessment. Tool boxes meeting everyday reminds and identify hazards to avoid. Team work is also highly required in this job.

The starting time of the project is at the same time the nCovid pandemic was complicated all over the world, the southern Vietnam were seriously affected. The AMECC SOUTH team really faced a lot of difficulties to be able to bring personnel and equipment to the construction site according to the plan committed to the Investor while still ensuring the epidemic prevention as Government’s requirement. There are a lot of different difficulties, such as severe weather, difficult terrain, obstacles from local residents… but never a reason to discourage AMECC SOUTH team.

Finally, when the wind towers are complete installed, the highly appreciation from the Investor is the pride and the strongest encouragement to give more motivation to the AMECC SOUTH team to stay strong in this field in future.