Semen Dezhnev is a ship with a hull of 100 m long and 94 m wide, DWT 4819 tons, built in Russia. Thanks to the previous experience in construction of many large projects, Amecc South was trusted by customers to perform many repair and maintenance items of the Semen Dezhnev ship in a very short time, including the following items:

– Repair of fire prevention systems on board ships.

– Repair of the power supply system on the ship.

– Maintenance of on-board cooling system.

– Maintenance of the sewage system on the ship.

– Repair of fresh water generation system on board.

– Clean deck surface. – Repair of compressed air system on board.

– Cleaning, painting tunnels and hatch covers, cargo cranes, container racks, oil tanks, decks…

– Repairing stern, propeller, rudder, valve system on board

– Repairing boiler & exhaust gas saving system.


On February 14, 2020, the ship was brought to Dung Quat shipyard in Quang Ngai province, Vietnam. With effort and responsibility, Amecc South completed the repair after only 2 weeks, handed it over to the ship owner on time on February 29, 2020 and was highly appreciated by customers.

This repair also marks the first cooperation between Amecc South and Sovfracht Group, and opens up many other cooperation opportunities in the future.

Some pictures during construction:



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