Enjoying the feeling of peace and listening to the seas’ waves in the journey to find treasure on the remote island, suddenly a series of firecrackers rang out on the side of the ship, startling Captain Jack Sparrow and recognized the group of the Royal Navy ships was approaching. Immediately, he ordered the ship to accelerate south to escape the Marines’ pursuit and avoid a series of brutal shells that seemed to blow the boat to pieces. Suddenly a giant wave hit the ship, momentarily pushed the boat into a giant vortex. When everyone was worried about not good prospects, the boat went into a largely white space and suddenly appeared at the seaport of a beautiful city called Phan Thiet city – Vietnam. All the crew members were surprised to learn that they were lost in the future nearly 300 years later …

Continuing this fantastic adventure story, the leaders of Novaland Group wishes for residents in their urban areas and customers to experience the real feeling of traveling on the “Pirate” ship. From a vague idea to turn into reality is not easy because there has never been a successful unit or manufacturer of similar products in Vietnam. Even before that, several projects had to be abandoned due to poor design, leading to unfeasible construction to operating in practice. Overcoming many big competitors, Amecc South Company has devoted the trust of Novaland customers and was assigned to implement the project to promptly put into operation for tourism itinerary from Phan Thiet to Ho Tram ( BR-VT) in early 2021.

Recognizing the importance and challenges of the Project, Amecc South’s Board of Directors immediately established a Project Board consisting of the most experienced individuals to plan from design, procurement, construction … Design work is an essential part, making the foundation for the success of the whole project in the future, so it was cared and supervised by the project leaders. Simultaneously, the procurement of materials for the ship is also done very urgently, because many products cannot be produced domestically, so they must be imported from abroad. Difficulties were compounded with difficulties when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out globally, making the implementation process, especially importing goods, faced many obstacles. However, overcoming adversity, the Project Management Board and all staff unanimously tried to reach major milestones in the shipbuilding process such as the first cut ceremony (March 3, 2020), the booking ceremony 09/05/2020), and especially The Launching Ceremony (November 28, 2020) was a success and was highly appreciated by customers. Not satisfied with the achievements, the Shipbuilding Project Board is still under construction day and night to hand over to the shipowner as planned while opening up many new opportunities for cooperation in the future. Wishing the project a great success and giving our clients an adventure of a completely new experience with Captain Jack Sparrow!

Some pictures of the launching ceremony on 11/28/2020: